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Windows Phone Store Tokens FAQ

If you have been issued a token head to http://dev.windowsphone.com to sign up on the Windows Phone Store.

The token is a free 12 month subscription to the Windows Phone Store. The 12 months starts when you register your account, therefore use it when you are about to publish your first app. A Personal account takes minutes to setup, a Company account can take a number of weeks.

ONLY register as a COMPANY on the Windows Phone Store if you are a REGISTERED AUSTRALIAN COMPANY as you will be required to prove your company credentials otherwise register as an INDIVIDUAL.  You cannot change your registration type after you have completed the registration process.

How to Register

Information on registering for a Windows Phone Dev Center Account can be found here.

If you plan to submit charged for apps on to the Windows Phone Store then you’ll need to sort out bank details and notify the US Tax department not to tax your earnings. Check out:-

Trouble Shooting

If you have a problem using the token then check the following

  • Update required information at XBox Live.
  • Note. You must authenticate with an Australian Live ID, if you also use a US Live ID then logoff that Live ID, clear cookies and log in with your Australian Live ID.

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